Harley Street London Counselling Konnect Therapy based at Harley Street in London offers effective assessment, therapy and care packages to people experiencing various forms of depression, loss of self esteem or general malaise.

Konnect Therapy has particular expertise in working with substance use (alcohol, illegal/prescription drugs) and other forms (gambling, sex, and shopping) of perceived "addictive" behaviours. Konnect Therapy's' unique insights, derived from research and experience, perceives presenting "addictions" as symptomatic of a deeper malaise. People use "addictions" as coping mechanisms in the short term and these become a long term problem when embedded. This insight and expertise allows us to work with a spectrum of human behaviour malaise including dual diagnosis. Konnect Therapy works to build an alliance with the client to explore the past and then create positive life enhancing lifestyles, after the issues from the past become externalised and eventually released.

This approach is derived from the pioneering work of Dr. Dean Whittington PhD UKIRP with nearly 30 years of working in the NHS, 3rd Sector, Private consultation coupled with university teaching. Dr. Whittington's unique intervention is to explore through initial consultation the underlying issues driving the need to self medicate. This provides the initial template to formulate a care plan and the basis of the therapeutic alliance. Dr. Whittington and his team work with the client to create goals determined by them. These can be amended at any time during the therapeutic process as the life vision becomes clearer.

Konnect Therapy can work with clients who are abstinent or people currently involved in self medication. All that is required is a commitment to initially explore how these coping mechanisms have formed and then work to actualise the self insight to create a more positive life enhancing lifestyle.

One aspect of Dr. Whittington's work can be seen in his initial publication; Beaten into Violence" available through Karnac, Caversham or Amazon bookshops.