London Therapists at Harley Street Our aim as therapists is to help people experience and connect to the positive within. Konnect Therapy works with people to lead more emotionally fulfilling lives through enhanced self knowledge.

Any exploration may involve trawling through difficult emotional experiences. Unblocking patterns of negative behaviour creates self awareness, sparking a process of change. Understanding and acceptance of the past relieves present symptoms, creating life skills to visualise and then live within a viable life enhancing future.

The mind body connection is crucial to this change as emotional health translates into physical vitality. The benefits of our holistic work include self esteem, inner fulfilment, a positive outlook, skills for managing relationships, self insight and improved physical health.

We have Integrative, Cognitive and "Person Centred" therapists and this means we essentially work with you in partnership in an emotional exploration. We help you to navigate difficult emotional currents to empower you to find your own solutions. This is undertaken through creating initial trust by providing empathy, confidentiality, understanding, support, genuineness, and by being none judgmental.