Therapy involves a dialogue combined with concentrated listening and reflection to help make sense of reoccurring patterns.

We recognise entering any form of therapeutic relationship is a major step in anyone’s life. Our service is strictly confidential.

In order to help you think through whether therapy is for you we offer the first initial consultation of 50 minutes free of charge. If we are not able to help we can refer you to someone else.

The first session will explore if your needs can be met by the therapist, your chance to ask questions on how therapy works, what it entails and if it can help. You are encouraged to speak to the therapist about your expectations and your anxieties as well as why you have decided to seek support. We will also go over practicalities such as fees and timing of the sessions.

After the consultation if you feel you want to begin the therapeutic work you can book the sessions on an individual basis for as long as you think you need them. You may feel a few sessions are all you need. You may also see the need for more extensive work. It is important that you feed back to the therapist your thoughts and feelings about the therapeutic experience for the therapist’s ongoing development.



"Beaten into Violence" by Dean Whittington.

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