Dr. Whittington


Dr. Dean Whittington PhD; FDAP Accredited, UKRC Reg. is a leading specialist in self-medication issues.

In pioneering research into masculinities, violence and substance he gained significant new insights into the term "addiction". He has worked across the different working sectors (NHS, Voluntary, Private, and Government) for the past 25 years with training from East Anglia, Edinburgh and Goldsmiths Universities

A social entrepreneur, he established the first therapeutic street agency in London working with men and women from different cultural backgrounds with a variety of therapeutic needs. He developed the first shared care partnerships with GP’s and was a pioneer in creating partnerships across different governmental sectors.

Working in the private sector for a number of years he has focused on the underlying issues creating different forms of addiction now perceived through his research as self-medication. He draws on an Eclectic model derived from his training in CBT, Existential, Person Centred, Transactional Analysis and Personal Construct Training. Currently he balances his private practice work of 3 days, working 2 days innovating therapeutic work with homeless men.

Publishing innovative research on men, violence and substance use in 2007, entitled "Beaten into Violence" provided a window into the problems young men faced. This was undertaken when working with men on the margins. The research details the impact of familial, state institutional and peer violence.

He lectures on Psychology issues relating to Development issues at Birkbeck and SOAS Colleges London University focusing on the psychology of violence. Dr. Whittington PhD is an expert on violence and its effect on developing countries, derived from work with the Somali, Vietnamese, Black British and Turkish communities.

A Doctorate in Social Psychology, a Masters in Education, a Post Graduate Diploma in Group Work, Certificates in Counselling and Substance Use as well as a BA in History and Sociology and an NVQ Level 4 in Management has entailed a wide ranging interest in the subject.

With this specialist knowledge derived across a wide spectrum of problems, he has a wider knowledge of the potential solutions to create a healthy life enhancing lifestyle for all clients who access the service.

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