Couple therapy


Konnect therapists make no value judgment on your relationships. If you wish to enhance your relationship, Konnect can help you develop your relationship skills, alternatively if you want to manage a separation, Konnect can support you through the emotional process. You may be unsure of the bearing of your relationship. Equally the therapists can work with you discover your direction.

Who is welcome?

Konnect Therapy is a multi-cultural organisation, having considerable experience of working with difference in terms of class, culture, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation. Everyone is welcome regardless of relationship status, sexuality or identity.

What does couple therapy entail?

Couple counselling or psychotherapy provides a fresh perspective. You can discuss your feelings, values and expectations of your relationships. The therapist could work with you on developing your communication skills and help you to be understood. You and your partner have an opportunity to explore with your therapist your feelings, emotions, fears and desires. You can look at conscious and unconscious behaviour patterns and reflect on what you want from your relationship and how it can be enhanced. You also have the space to explore, in confidence, complex or difficult issues, which may include miscommunication, tension and conflict.

Staying together or separating?

Couple sessions can help you decide whether you want to make the relationship work or if you decide the relationship is destructive, how to manage an ending.

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